Weekly Lessons

Sue offers weekly lessons based on time duration and skill. Weekly lesson durations are 30, 45, or 60 minutes. 

  • 30-minute weekly lessons are recommended for beginning children, ages 6-10.
  • 45-minute weekly lessons are recommended for beginning adults and children, ages 11-17.
  • 60-minute weekly lessons are recommended for advanced level adolescents and adults, learning upper-level music theory and musical score.

Please see RATES for payment details.

Personalized curriculum

If a student wants to learn to play a favorite song from a movie, popular musical artist, or classical composer, Sue will search for the available sheet music, order, and provide it at a following lesson. Personalized curriculum encourages motivation for practice and musical accomplishment.

Sue provides personalized weekly lesson plans. Plans will be handwritten and/or emailed to students and parents so assignments can be followed for practice between lessons.


Students are encouraged to participate in a biannual community studio recital. Studio recitals are held at a local community center or church, including post-recital refreshments. Students will perform one or two pieces of familiar music in front of a small audience of family and friends. The audience is invited to encourage and celebrate the work and accomplishments of the students.

Recital dates details will be provided in advance.


College Prep

Sue has provided advanced training for students who are preparing for a college education. Preparation includes the development of skills and repertoire for collegiate auditions. Advanced music theory is taught for entrance exams and competencies. Students may request additional lessons to the regular weekly meetings to prepare for college auditions.